Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chiney Boy!

Although these two posts are being posted on the same day, I wrote them at very different times. The first I wrote on the third of the month and this one just yesterday. Internet is hard to come by, there are only two real options, one that the Peace Corps set up and then another that is relatively expensive. Regardless, nothing much has changed, I am still in the same routine of class, coming home early and going to sleep early. I am starting to learn the area a bit more, but travel is expensive, so I spend most of my days around where I live. Classes are still long, and there seems to be a growing resentment amongst the trainees for the long days. I still eat ungodly portions of carbs, but I am running now to balance it out and also to jumpstart my digestive system that direly wants some fiber.

As for the future, I have pretty much decided I want to be in the bush. It will have it challenges and its drawbacks, but I don't think I could justify living around the coast for two years. Life would be easier, but it wouldn't provide the newness that I hope will keep me going for the next two years. As I've mentioned before one of the main reasons I joined was to learn another language. And although right now the local dialect, Creolese, sounds like anotherlanguage it is merely a Carribean form of English. Next week we will be staying with current volunteers at sites around the country. I am hoping they send me bush so I can see what I probably will be getting myself into.

On a lighter note, I have finally been identified as "chiney", the cover all word for anything remotely oriental here. Other terms that are used for orientals, are "Jackie Chen" and "Bruce Lee". I have yet to be called either, but there is a korean girl here that has gotten both. I have to say that I am a little jealous.

I don't want to write too much, but that's most of what I have been experiencing. I am well, and enjoying my stay here thus far.

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Olivia said...

Tyler! I am so excited to read about your exotic experiences. When you talk about going into the bush it is very Naipul of you (A Bend in the River). It is really cool that you are getting to taste new fruits. In Ecuador my favorite fruit was something like a pomegranate, but yellower and a bit juicier, less fleshy. Have you seen anything like that? You break the skin open with a spoon and the insides are soft and edible. YUM! Maybe it was called "granada" but they don't speak any Spanish there, do they? Anyway, I wish you the very best. I am proud of your adventurous spirit and your willingness to enter into the jungle away from the luxuries of "civilization." is there any source of American news?

Be safe. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you.