Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going to a land between two rivers

Hooray! I did end up getting the site that I wanted and I will be leaving this coming Monday, although I think I will be posting this Monday. Regardless, I am happy, excited, anxious, etc. The last couple of weeks in training have been rather slow, so we’ve had a lot of down time. In the Peace Corps this means lots of reading, random movies (my host father loves Van Damne), and just sitting around talking about anything you can think up.

Although I don’t think I’m allowed to disclose the name of my organization, I believe I can say it is in Bartica. A nice hilly little town situation at the top of the Essequibo river delta that everybody I meet has something good to say about. It is known as a gateway into the interior, which means that it is a town that people come to coming out or going in to the interior. Consequently, Bartica is full of miners, loggers, and Brazilians (I’m not sure why Brazilians, but they have BBQ so they’re all right with me). Despite being an area of transition, I have been told that Barticans have a strong sense of community (it’s really only a 4 x 12 block grid). I have also been told or read that it hosts the Easter Regatta, a weekend of revelry, jolliness and high speed boat racing. Unfortunately I have just missed it.

As far as my living situation, again I can only speak of rumors (you never really know in the Peace Corps, things change very quickly, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I end up somewhere completely different because my house burned down or Bartica got ravaged by some natural disaster). For example, at first I was told that my house was completely furnished, including a bed, a mattress, a table and some chairs. Two days ago I found out that I have nothing in my house, so I will be sleeping in a hammock until I can find somewhere to buy a mattress. I am going to attempt to make my own bed frame. For now though, I know that I will be living with someone else, a male of 25 coming from the southern region of California. I also know that I will be living in a second story home that has an open first floor, which is nice to take in the breeze during the days. It has a balcony too! (some dreams do come true in the corps) However, the biggest rumor and most anticipated is that I might have wireless internet coming from a ******* near my house. Peace Corps Light.

As I said last post I am going to be working for a youth development organization that was set up by a previous volunteer. I have been told that they have a few computers with internet, various board games, and most exciting of all a ping pong table. So I figure that a lot of my time will be spent playing ping pong, board games or football (soccer to you Americans) with kids. Not a bad job to say the least, yet we will see.

Otherwise, family life is good. The kids were gone for a few days but they have returned and so has the noise. I still eat ungodly amounts of starch and curry. One of the dogs on my family compound just had (or dropped) a family of five with three survivors, they are incredibly small and blind for three weeks. I might take one when I come back for a five day wedding sometime in August. We’ve had a few “going away parties”, one really nice one a couple days ago that attracted quite a crowd. Without divulging to much information I will say that I have been having fun, and consequently my wallet grows thin.

I will leave you with a list.

What makes Tyler happy:

The price of Rum (world class for US$5, less than world class for US$2.50)

The amount of motorcycles

It’s the rainy season (a little bit cooler)

My site placement

Being able to cook my own food in two days

Not having class everyday

My soon to be porch

My mustache

Being in the Peace Corps

What makes Tyler unhappy:

The price of beer (won’t be found for under a US$1)

The fact that if I ride a motorcycle and PC finds out I will be sent home immediately

It’s still unbelievably hot

Packing, again

Leaving my host mom’s always amazing curry

Going to work everyday

Leaving the porch I have now, and the possibility of having no porch in the future

What girls think of mustaches

The Peace Corps


Elif said...

hey Tyler!!!

yeah im really glad to hear that you will be working with the kids and that internet is a possibility!!! btw cant wait for ya to come home n cook some crazy curry creations.
swim flu is the recent buggout around here so im telling all the old people n workers to stay away from me :)
miss ya, look foward to MANYYY DETAILEDDD posttsss!!!!!

Dan said...

Porches rock. My apartment now has a nice porch that overlooks a cattle farm in a Missouri valley. I've been shopping to buy a house recently, and one of my requirements is that it must have a porch/balcony.

Great to hear from you.