Friday, March 19, 2010

perhaps a bit bitter

First, I must apologize for not updating this blog in quite sometime, it may be because I don't have too much to write about. Second, this is just straight from my head to the blog here, so there is no proof reading here. I suppose my lack of updating is due to a lack of updates. And perhaps this is a good (assimilation) or a bad (nothingness) thing. I've learned to expect the unexpected, where their used to be a guilty pleasure sometimes now becomes a complacent defeat. My latest complacent defeat has been the theft of some personal belongings. There is no sign of breaking or entering and what they stole is quite curious. My only thought is at some point the door must have been left unlocked either during the day or while I was sleeping. Luckily, and indeed I am using it now, they did not steal my laptop, which for me would be the most obvious thing to steal. No, they stole my favorite traveling bag, cologne, four boxes of mac and cheese, my roommates bag, and a CD boom box. And I can not think of a better case of audacity than to steal my four kraft mac and cheese and leave the no name brand one there. So, no essentials really were stolen, but I am out of my favorite traveling bag, which has been with me for years and with whom I did have a special relationship.

On a more positive note, work has been more consistent and fulfilling. As some of you may have seen I have written a grant and am trying to raise money for more computers for my workplace. If you have any interest the URL is I hope to be putting up a video of the center and the kids sooner than later, probably sometime mid April as I have a busy end of the month and beginning of April. Nevertheless, kids have been coming in a bit more steadily, some are learning to type, some are getting better at ping pong and generally we have fun afternoons. Currently, we have four computers, and my eventual hope is to get six more with the grant and start more formal classes. Such as a basic computing class, typing class, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. Also, we do have internet now up at the center, so I will be online more steadily.

That's all for now, I shall try and write with some more insight just now, but this is Guyana and that means nothing.

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