Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A big thank you to the American Soccer Team who made my month a bit more luxurious than most, and although they didn’t win, they did not lose by more than one goal. Hooray! It is soccer time down here, the Brazilians have all painted their shops green and yellow and talk is about the World Cup. As those of you on the East Coast know, the World Cup is on all day during the day, and with my flexible work schedule I have been watching most games.

Besides the World Cup fever, life has been good. As always I have been cooking, eating, drinking and generally enjoying a life of simplicity. Some people have gone, some people have come back, some people have just arrived, and some person seems to be sticking around for awhile. Among the volunteer network, there are two new Aussies in Bartica, so the white population has doubled. Regardless of comings and goings, time has really quickened its pace. It was quite a revelation the other day when I heard on the NY local news feed that summer is here. Without noticeable seasons, time really has a different character. Nonetheless, I will say that we are currently transitioning out of the rainy season so people here are experiencing a version of spring fever. Bartica has been lively.

Work continues to pick up, I have finally obtained the $4,000 US that was raised and have begun purchasing items. So, it has been good to go around and begin to transform a vision into something tangible. Yet, there have been some difficulties, mainly where to house the computers. Making something sustainable is difficult in a country like Guyana, and even more so in a town like Bartica. Thus, I am in the process of integrating my organization with another project that has been running for a solid six years, and which has promising prospects to run for another six. I really can’t say much more, but there have been bureaucratic battles because of this and because of this I’m beginning learning the art of diplomacy. On a more positive note, some price cuts and finagling have opened some money in my budget, and now I’m looking to buy a LCD projector.

Cheers. Brazil v. N. Korea in 15.

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dona said...

Hi Tyler! Cheers from Italy!
Could I ask you to visit back? I'd love to add the Guyana flag to my Flagcounter...
Many thanks in advance and have a nice staying there.